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Full waveguide-band
Flat  Flange



798microwave has been dedicated to the design and manufacture of isolators and circulators since 1960, in Beijing
Our quality management follows ISO9001.

1) Full waveguide-band isolators and circulator are available, from 1.12 to 50GHz. Printed Version

2) Ridge waveguide is available, from 0.9 to 40GHz, for example, 6.5~18GHz, WRD650  isolator and circulator.

3) mm-Wave is available, from 26.5 to 110GHz.

         For example, 5G mobile communication, 27.5~28.35GHz, 37~38.6GHz, 38.6~40GHz and 64~71GHz.
            Car Radar, 77GHz and 79GHz.
            Wi-Fi (WiGig), 58~71GHz.
            Point-to-point, 60GHz, 71~76GHz, 81~86GHz and 92~95GHz.

4) Four-port circulators is designed for use in high-peak power applications. For example,

            in electron accelerator systems, it is used as the protector for the magnetron work normally on the condition of large reflection power.

            Full waveguide band 4_port_circulator is also availble, for example,
            X-Band, 8.2-12.4GHz, handle ~1.5kW

5) Waveguide Power Termination

6) Waveguide to coax adapter

7) Coax Isolator & Circulator and Coax Attenuator & Load is also available.

All our products can be customized for specific frequency, power, configuration, and environment. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us about your specific requirements.


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